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 "It's worth the drive to feast upon LaSalle bistro's fresh fare and decor." - Peoria Journal Star

Mickey's Massive Burritos is a family-owned restaurant that serves fresh
and delicious Mexican food made daily from scratch.
Let Mickey cater your next event! 
Mickey's Burrito Tidbits
Some legends state that the Burrito is believed to have been created by a donkey merchant in 1833 by the name of Carlos Diego.  The name Burrito , being derived by the Spanish word for donkey, burro.  The idea came when Carlos was wrapping his donkey with a blanket, which was done right before loading his donkey with as much as he could hold...  just like a burrito.  Inspiration struck, and after many failed attempts of wrapping the meat before loading the rest of the ingredients, Carlos waited until after he loaded the ingredients to wrap the burrito. You don't want to know what the original burrito meat was believed to have been.
There have been three reported cases of burritos so large, they actually did choke a donkey
Salsa is the #1 condiment in America
The origin of salsa is thought to have originated from a failed dessert topping
Salsa is the Spanish word for sauce. Therefore the dance style known as the salsa, is a saucy dance

Mickey with news tribune softball player of the year, Ally Smith 

2012 Illinois State Shot put Champion Adam Weidner and Coach Hartz 
celebrate a victory with another tasty first place prize with Mickey Venegas 


Stay in Touch

Mickey's Massive Burritos

620 1st Street 
LaSalle, Illinois

Mon -  Thurs 11 AM - 8 PM
Fri -  Sat 11 AM - 9 PM 

Sun Closed

Call (815) 220-1599